In Remembrance: Johnny Lopera

When I first met @johnnylopes from Cigar City Barbershop more than a few years ago, I drove a few hours while vacationing with my wife’s family to meet this guy. Upon arrival, I was lost standing outside a giant old cigar factory. That day I would never forget as Johnny was excited to meet one of the guys he said he looked up to in the barbering industry and I blushed for the first time. Johnny taught me a very valuable thing in life that day… “stop calling your customers, customers. Take that next step and make them your clients”. This kid right out of barber school teaching me something as important as this. What a prick! but ever since then, I loved this kid more and more every week. Johnny was in some way my best barber friend across the country. We spoke all the time about business and he was always trying to get me to move to Tampa. I told him I was the worst Mexican ever as I sweat at anything over 60 degrees. I was excited for Johnny as he remodeled his house, had a beautiful family, moved his shop and we texted back and forth on layouts and POS systems. You were on fuckin’ vacation and came played a charity kickball with me in Chicago. Today is a nightmare and I wish I could of said goodbye my friend. Gonna miss you. Truly am. Blessed to have known you in my life sir. @ Cigar City Barbershop

We miss you Johnny!