To Hang Your Clippers or not!?

As a licensed professional, we all spend alot money on our tools and with those tools they provide for us, our livelihood, and our family. If cared for properly and maintenance regularly your clippers can last you for decades to come.

The question we all ask ourselves sometimes is, do we hang our clippers with blades down or lay them down with blades up? I decided to ask a good friend of mine who specialize in maintenance of professional tools and it was interesting the feedback I got.

What I learned is alot people sacrifice the clipper cord by hanging the clippers with blades down as pose to laying your clippers in a case or on a shelf with blades up.

By hanging your clippers with blades down, sure you adding additional stress on your cord however by laying them down with blade up, you are running risk of oil damage inside your clipper, inside the plastic, and inside the coil which leads to additional damage.

When you store your clipper on it’s back with blade pointed up, this allows excess oil to run into the clipper. This will hold hair and could possibly be a fire hazard.

Hang blade down to drip out excess oil.

Thanks to @sharpeningbyjeannie for the images and info!