Where to Oil Your Detachable Blades At!?

The number one thing people often overlook is where and when to oil your blades for your clippers. Thanks to my friend @sharpeningbyjeannie, we’re going to share some keys points on your blades that will give your blades a long and prosperous life.

All friction areas of the blade need oil. A drop on teeth between customers and a drop on back rail/blade guide a couple of times a times a day. A dry back rail can create heat and we don’t want that.

To Hang Your Clippers or not!?

As a licensed professional, we all spend alot money on our tools and with those tools they provide for us, our livelihood, and our family. If cared for properly and maintenance regularly your clippers can last you for decades to come.

The question we all ask ourselves sometimes is, do we hang our clippers with blades down or lay them down with blades up? I decided to ask a good friend of mine who specialize in maintenance of professional tools and it was interesting the feedback I got.

What I learned is alot people sacrifice the clipper cord by hanging the clippers with blades down as pose to laying your clippers in a case or on a shelf with blades up.

By hanging your clippers with blades down, sure you adding additional stress on your cord however by laying them down with blade up, you are running risk of oil damage inside your clipper, inside the plastic, and inside the coil which leads to additional damage.

When you store your clipper on it’s back with blade pointed up, this allows excess oil to run into the clipper. This will hold hair and could possibly be a fire hazard.

Hang blade down to drip out excess oil.

Thanks to @sharpeningbyjeannie for the images and info!

Know Your Tools and the Right Motor For the Job

The Right Motor

I’ve been using Andis tools since the dawn of my first step into the barbering industry. My first introduction to Andis was a set of Master clippers that I received during barber school in 2003-2004, which was the only set of clippers provided by the school in our kits.  Like the difference between a Honda and Harley Davidson motorcycle, you feel the difference. Not to say either is wrong, but it’s a preference of choice on how it feels, handles, and works.

What I love about Andis is that Andis tools utilize expertly developed motor technology designed to complement the application, ensuring maximum performance. When you handle an Andis tool, it like holding a piece of machine in your hands and makes you feel unstoppable. The question isn’t so much which clipper motor is best? Instead you should be asking which motor will suit my cutting needs for the job in front of me.

What is a Magnetic Motor?

Reliable Power & High Blade Speed

Magnetic motors are one of the most inexpensive clippers on the market. The clippers run at a high speed resulting in smooth cuts, which makes it great for dry cutting in more traditional barbering. Light textures of the hair will feed and cut well with magnetic motor clippers. With less moving parts,  magnetic motors are so simple, (and yet reliable) and the longest lasting of all the motors on the market. A magnetic motor literally  consist of a spring and an electomagnet working in tandem to vibrate the blade back and forth which makes it great for tapering and beard trims. How do you know if it’s magnetic!? You will hear a clicking noise when you turn it on! Keep in mind even though magnetic motors run at high speed, it will have a lower blade torque.

Magnetic Motor

Pivot Motors

High Power & Lower Blade Speed

Pivot motors have a lower blade speed than magnetic motors but are twice as powerful in blade torque. Higher blade torque makes pivot motors great for  cutting thick or heavy hair and great resource in wet cutting.  Very similar to magnetic motors but pivot motors uses two electromagnets and no spring. This added power makes cutting through wet hair a breeze. Pivot motors are whisper quiet, cool running and long lasting and ideal for everyday cutting by a professional.

Pivot Motor

Rotary Motors

High Power & High Blade Speed

Rotary motors are the engine behind the most powerful clippers on the market  (often used in Dog and Horse grooming as well) and comes in AC and DC powered units. Rotary motors have an equal amount of power and blade speed and often with the ability of using multiple blade speeds. Their balance between power, speed, size and weight makes them extremely versatile and perfect for heavy-duty cutting and removing bulk. However keep in mind, many DC rotary motors are cordless (powered by batteries), the DC rotary motors are little less powerful than the AC motors but gives you the freedom of cordless.

Rotary Motor